Well, since the news is spreading fast…. I figured now would be a good time to spread the news to all of my bloggy friends!

We are expecting Baby #2!!! We just found out, so I am only 5 wks! I wanted to wait a while SO bad before telling family but I just couldn’t! Christmas was just the perfect opportunity!

I know some people choose to wait for fear of something happening.. and I know that is always a possibility but I just decided to be excited and celebrate! Any life, no matter how small (even the size of a poppy seed) is reason to rejoice! I know that God is the giver of life and whatever happens is in His hands!

I’m sure I’ll be updating as things progress. I have my first Dr’s visit Jan. 15th. So far, no morning sickness. I’m hoping to avoid it again, since I didn’t have any with Luke. The only thing I am suffering from is EXTREME fatigue!! That is why I am ending this post now and going to bed. I cannot keep my eyes open any longer!