This week is an easy week of meals. I’m trying to avoid any cooking in the oven. The only heat will be stove top!

There are 3 items on the menu using fresh basil because I am growing a basil plant and it is getting huge! I’ve used it already in spaghetti when I first got it. It has been really easy to grow.

Tonight: (Leftovers from yesterday) Hamburgers/Hot dogs, Baked Potatoes & Rocky Road Brownies!

The rest of the week:
  • Teriyaki Drumsticks, Green Beans, Honey Glazed Carrots (didn’t have last week- again)
  • Grilled Cheese, Tomato Soup
  • Chicken Spaghetti (w/ fresh basil), Salad
  • Meatball Subs, Basil Dill Coleslaw
  • Parmesan and Basil Chicken Salad on rolls, Cranberry Broccoli Salad (using a recipe and tweaking it a bit, I’ll let you know how it turns out)

One weeknight is usually leftovers (probably the night after the chicken spaghetti, since it makes a lot).

– Our pantry is stocked with cereal and oatmeal that I’ve been ‘collecting’, fruit
Lunch– Leftovers, sandwiches, chicken nuggets (Luke), carrot sticks, fruit
Snacks– Popcorn, yogurt, raisins, teddy grahams (for Luke), hummus and pita chips (for me), fruit

I haven’t been shopping yet since it’s a holiday, so I’m not sure what fruit I will be buying (except for bananas which we always have). I usually buy what’s on sale and what looks good so it just depends.

Happy Memorial Day!! I am so thankful to all who have served our country faithfully and given their lives for our freedom. How blessed are we to live in a free country! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!