I was going to go grocery shopping..

I attempted to make cookies for the workers at church.. and burnt two of the three batches… The twelve cookies that did make it weren’t really that good… I should never try new recipes…

Luke somehow shut the door from the kitchen to the dining room to where I couldn’t get it opened. Luckily you can go through the living room to get to the other end of the house. And get this.. R had taken out the inside parts of the door months ago so it couldn’t be shut/locked. At least that’s what we thought… Luke figured out that if you stick something in that little hole, you can shut the door and not get it opened at all

I heard myself say, “Get both of your fingers out of your nose” for the first time.

Luke peed in the floor… the carpeted floor…

Those matches that we’ve been looking for.. I found them. I went to get something out of a cabinet and as I did the entire (huge) box of matches fell and spilled all over the kitchen floor…

So, I said forget it.

I’ll go later.

I need to regroup while Luke naps!