Unfortunately, I’m not talking about the pregnancy.. Unless you count that every moment I am one second closer to Eli being here (I’m trying to be positive!!). I am talking about my plans to organize. Well, my sister did a wonderful job on cleaning up the junk/scrap/computer room. I’m really going to try hard to keep it clean. Seriously.

I did go through all of my shoes and it was a bit depressing. I got rid of a lot! Would you like to see why I am so sad?

Look at these cute shoes! But I had to face reality. I haven’t worn them in over 2 years. For some odd reason I was holding on to them like my feet were going to shrink or something.
They are just shoes though.. right?

We didn’t get Eli’s room painted because we are having paint issues. Evidently the painter who painted our house (a year ago) went back over 3 spots in the room that would be Eli’s to touch up. Well, those 3 spots are a different color green than the rest of the wall. That room has been an unused room for a while so it never really bothered me.. until I needed to put a baby in it! I purposefully picked out cute baby bedding to match the wall color. Well, that’s great… except that I had forgotten about the 3 different color spots! And I have no idea what color the wall color is… We attempted to have it matched last night.. and it just isn’t the same. Why did I not save the paint swatches!??!! So, it looks as if we’re going to have to paint the entire room, and then do our little polka dot design. Hopefully, we’ll get it done this weekend.
My sister did clean the house for me though, after all the organizing/sorting/throwing away.. and I love her for that. Well, I love her just because, but she really helped me out a lot! Thanks, Aunt B! (BTW, I don’t think she reads my blog! So, if you know her.. tell her she should!)
I also had a Dr’s appointment today. The update is: I am good, the baby is good. That’s all. God is in control, that I am certain of. 🙂