This will be short. I am attempting to let Eli sleep without being swaddled. I’m just curious if he might be one of those who can sleep without it. Luke was not! He was swaddled until he was about 5 months old. Eli does okay swaddled but I’ve often thought that he might actually sleep without it too. I’ve always been jealous of those parents whose babies seem to actually enjoy just laying flat on their backs asleep! So, it’s been 15 minutes and considering Luke would scream immediately if laid down un-swaddled, I count this as a huge accomplishment. And I actually laid him down not quite asleep yet and he has drifted off to sleep with only a little peep, that was caused when his paci fell out of his mouth (yes, he is a major paci baby!). In all honestly Eli sleeps best when being held! And although I do hold him A LOT, it’s impossible to do all the time with a toddler! At night he sleeps on me a lot mainly because I fall asleep with him sometime during burping!

My question for you: How did your babies sleep in the early weeks? I’m just curious…

Ok, and since I started this about an hour ago (many Luke interruptions and lunch) I will give you an update. Eli slept for 30 minutes then the Hubs got him back to sleep and he is sleeping now. It’s almost eating time for him so he’ll more than likely be up soon because of hunger but I feel like he did great considering this is our first attempt!

My sweet boy will be 5 weeks old tomorrow! And my other sweet boy will be 28 months old on Sunday! Wow!

Time to go….