I’ve been absent for a while. Two reasons: One, life over the past week and a half has been crazy, to say the least. Two, the computer at my mom’s house is in Luke’s ‘room’ (my old room)so, my prime computer time (Luke’s nap and bedtime) are no longer available. I just wanted to give a quick update on my littlest guy, Eli.

We had his 4 month check up yesterday. He’s not technically 4 months old but thankfully we were able to move his appointment up before our insurance runs out on the 31st. Yesterday was exactly 6 weeks from his last shots and that’s the minimum time frame between his shots. Some of you know that we’ve been worried about Eli’s weight. Well, on Dec 1st (when he was sick) he weighed 12 lbs and 5 oz. Yesterday, he weighed 12 lbs and 3 oz. I did weigh him at the breastfeeding support group though and he actually gained 3 oz in a week according to their scale (he went from 12.01 to 12.04) . All scales differ so you have to compare weight on the same scales. Over the past week I’ve been trying to do some things to help Eli get the hind milk (fatty milk at the end of a feeding). I think one of our problems is that he gets bored and wants to switch sides too soon. I’ve been trying to keep him on longer but sometimes he flat out refuses though, so that has been frustrating. I don’t think that I have supply issues but who really knows at this point. Anyway, we discussed with the Dr about him spitting up A LOT! I never thought this was a problem because he was always gaining weight and never seemed bothered (like in pain) by it. Well, our pediatrician suggested Zantac to help with the spitting up. Obviously a baby who isn’t gaining weight isn’t a good thing. And even though he doesn’t seem to be in pain when he spits up, it might be a factor as to why he isn’t gaining. Since he’s always seemed to have a little bit of reflux issues we’ve had him sleeping on a wedge incline at night and in the swing during the day.
We’ve been on Zantac almost 24 hours and he’s only spit up once today and once last night. And both times they were very small amounts. So, that seems promising. He is still wanting to nurse a lot (every 1.5 hours usually – thankfully not at night though!) and isn’t nursing for very long (10-15 minutes max. total) but if it is reflux maybe this will change. I don’t mind feeding him that often but I feel like if he were getting a good feeding he might be able to go longer. Not to mention the fact that I’ve been feeding him upstairs where Robby, Eli and I are sleeping (my sister’s room) because it’s less of a distraction for him (no crazy toddler or tv to get his attention). This has made it difficult when no one is home, considering I don’t like leaving Luke alone downstairs by himself. Dr. C wants us to come back Friday the 26th to have him weighed in the office and if he’s gained well, we’re good to go, but if not he wants to see us to discuss what to do next. Please pray with us that he gains and begins eating well. It’s been so frustrating to me, the sole provider of his nourishment, to be going through all of these nursing issues on top of all that we’ve been dealing with. Breastfeeding and the decision to continue was difficult for me but in the end I knew that it was something that God wanted me to do.
The good news is that other than weight gain issues he is a healthy little boy. The Dr said he was very strong! I love our pediatrician, by the way! As we were leaving the office he said that he knew that Eli was going to be just fine, “in Jesus name”.
Ok, it’s time for the kids to get in bed. I started this yesterday morning and am just finishing it tonight at 8PM!
Also a big thank you to all of you that have been praying for me and my family. We appreciate it more than you will ever know. God will see us through.