Luke says the funniest things these days. As I’ve said before I wish I could record them all in a book! Here’s a conversation that I’ve got to share….

Yesterday, after church, my mom took Luke outside and they had a picnic. The weather was fantastic! After lunch, mom pushed Luke on the swing. Luke asked mom to sing the ‘swing low’ song. At first she didn’t know what he meant but then she remembered… “Swing low, sweet chariot, Comin’ for to carry me home; Swing low, sweet chariot, Comin’ for to carry me home.” My mom has sung this around the house before and Luke remembered… since they were ‘swinging low’! So, Luke (who obviously pays attention to lyrics) asked her when she was coming home. Well, she explained that one day she would go home to live with Jesus. Here is the conversation that followed.

Mom: And one day you’ll go home to live with Jesus too.

Luke: I don’t want to live with Jesus.

Mom: You don’t?

Luke: No, I don’t want a beard.


Mom: A beard??

Luke: I don’t want a beard like Jesus!

Hahahah! Oh, I wish I would have been there to hear this! Hilarious! Who knew that you grew a beard as soon as you got to heaven?? I guess heaven is going to be full of bearded people!