My little love bug….

I think I am in for it. My little Eli is a mover and a shaker! More mover though! I captured a few shots today of the little guy just to document what he is already in to at 7.5 months. Now, I know other children are crawling by this time but I am not use to it! Luke didn’t crawl until 8.5 months so Eli was ahead of him by a month and a half! Luke didn’t start pulling up on things for about another month. Luke was the kind of baby that if you put a boundary up he would stay within that boundary. And I’m not even talking a gate. I’m saying that when he first started crawling, I could put a few pillows in the floor and he wouldn’t go around/over them. He pretty much stayed in our den that was carpeted. A few times he attempted to go into the kitchen (linoleum) and because it was a different surface he wouldn’t venture on it. Now as he got better at getting around, we eventually used a gate and he never attempted to crawl over the gate (or out of his crib for that matter and he was in it for 2.5 years!). I have a feeling Eli might be a different story! Here are a few pictures from today:
I decided to attempt the pillow trick to keep Eli from trying to get to the cords. As you can see it didn’t work.

Hi, Mom!

And here he is standing in his crib. It took Luke at least a month to go from crawling to standing up in his crib!

By the way, this is right during the wardrobe change. We had a diaper malfunction.

After looking away for a quick maybe 30 seconds while he was playing later, this is how I found him….

This is from the other side….

And it didn’t take him long to find the stairs!!!! A few days ago he was eyeing them.. but today he decided to take a closer look! I think this one is so funny! He is just too little to be standing up like this!!!
And then earlier tonight as I was editing photos….

So, if anyone out there has a soon-to-be crawler who’s wondering what all they need to baby proof, I’ll gladly let Eli come over and inspect your home for you!!