White Bean and Ham Soup, Onion Biscuits

Roast with Potatoes and Carrots, Onion Biscuits

Brunswick Stew (the link to the recipe I use is on my previous MPM)

Mexican Tortilla Pie, Rice, Salad

So, since I was sick the end of this week the brunswick stew didn’t get made.. and I still have the roast in the freezer! Things were easy this week. It was so nice to just have to thaw out vegetable soup! Then Friday night for our romantic anniversary dinner we had Papa John’s. šŸ™‚ We spent the evening catching up on Thurs nights Office, coughing and eating pizza! The Hubs and I both decided to head to the Dr yesterday. Yay, antibiotics! I’m so thankful for the help we had with the kids! And then my mom brought over stuff to make chili! It was nice to not have to think about supper! (BTW, Roll Tide!) Today I am so achy from coughing so much. I’m actually about to see if Eli will take an early nap since he was up for 2 hours straight last night from 11:30pm to 1:30am! What is up with that? Sigh, that is another post.. We have a birthday party for the Hub’s grandmother this afternoon, right at Eli’s nap time. Hopefully an early nap will help to avoid any crazy, one-year-old action. At least for the party.. probably not for tonight!

What is on your menu? I am in need of something yummy and new. I feel stuck in a rut! I’ve got chicken in the freezer for next week.. any ideas??

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