Lisa, over at The Preacher’s Wife is having a Christmas blog party. I missed out on last week but I decided to jump in this week! This week we’re sharing all about our Christmas decorations. I was really excited to get to decorate this year since last year everything was packed up and sent to storage! I have to warn you.. I just uploaded A LOT of pictures. I couldn’t help myself!

First to start us off is our tree. It’s a skinny little thing but I really do like it. I love real trees to so maybe we’ll start a tradition of getting a real one once this one wears out.. or I just get too many ornaments.. the latter is a greater possibility! It’s packed already!

Here are a few (haha!) of my favorite ornaments:

A wedding gift… First Christmas Together!


Another wedding gift with our anniversary engraved:

This one if my new one this year. My mom got it for me last week at the Cracker Barrel (love that place at Christmastime! The Lion and the Lamb:

This is my sweet Luke’s foot print turned into a snowman! This was his second Christmas. He was 18 mths old. We had two made this year of the boy’s hand prints but I haven’t gotten them yet!

This is also a new one. If you read my last post you know I just finished a book study with a great group of girls from church. We read Crazy Love by Francis Chan. One of the girls (thanks Jami) made everyone a crazy love ornament! Cute! (Can you see me?? Haha!)

Here is the book shelf corner of the living room. I’m not finished here. I’d like to get a few strands of lights to weave through the greenery. And.. I’m not sure what else. Can you see Larry the fish, on the left of the desk?

Here is one of my nativity sets. This shelf/ledge is right above the love seat and my monkey of a 15 month old loves to climb up on the back of the couch and play with this. So far the only accident is that one of the wise men’s toes were broken off… oops! I really need to get a set that the kids can play with.

Here is my hutch in the kitchen.
A little closer look… that stocking is one of the Hub’s handmade stockings from childhood.
The only thing else I may do is put Luke up some of the pieces of the Christmas village. I’m thinking about clearing off the top of his chest of drawers and putting a few there. I have a huge set but I don’t want to fool with it this year! He loves them though, so he may get a mini village in his room!
If you’d like to see more decorations or play along in the Christmas blog party, hop over to Lisa’s and join in!