Time for a new menu!! This week we’re having BBQ meatballs, Pioneer Woman Style! They are super yummy! I’m going to try them in the crock pot after I brown them, so I don’t have to heat up the oven. I’m going to use her recipe for BBQ sauce but tweak it to make it more healthy (honey in place of the white sugar, using no HFCS ketchup). I also just saw this recipe and must find a place for it on my menu! I love cooked spinach. Ok, back to the meatballs! As you all have read, Luke is a picky eater! He rarely eats any meat/protein at all! He will eat chicken nuggets and peanut butter. And most recently he’s started eating these chicken skewers. Well, Friday night I made meatball subs. I made large meatballs for the marinara sauce and I made some smaller meatballs to bake off in the oven for the boys. Well, mainly for Eli. He loves meatballs! Well, to make a long story short. Luke wanted Buzz Lightyear to eat dinner with us. Well, Buzz loves meatballs. Buzz even took a bite of one! So, Luke tried them too! And while he only ate two, he really liked them! I seriously think that is the first time he’s eaten beef! I think Buzz might be joining us for more meals! And since meatballs were a hit, we might be having them a lot! And it’s an easy food to make in large batches and they freeze for quick lunches, too! So, here’s the menu:

BBQ Meatballs, Green Beans, Mashed Potatoes

Grilled Pork Chops, Squash (how should I cook it this week?), Sauteed Spinach w/ Garlic

Scrambled Eggs, Hash browns, Fruit

Ranch Chicken Veggie Pasta Salad

Chicken Enchiladas, Rice and Beans

I’m not sure what we’re doing for the Fourth yet, but this menus will get us to the weekend! Have a great week!

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