Letter L was a super easy one for Luke… considering it’s in his name! We still had o much fun learning about different things that start with L and also doing all kinds of fun activities and crafts! First we started of with a Letter L collage from Homeschool Creations! (FYI, this post is long.. I probably should have made it two parts!)

We had a lot of fun learning all about Ladybugs! We read the book Ladybug (can’t seem to find it.. but I’ll keep trying), which was full of ladybug facts! We used some parts of the Ladybug Lapbook from Homeschool Share (I just discovered this site and will be using it more in the future!). We used the “Parts of a Ladybug” and also “I Can Follow Directions” which was a great learning tool! Then we made a cute ladybug out of a paper plate!

For snack time we had Ladybug apples and Lemonade! Yum! I got the snack idea from Mama Jenn! We used chocolate chips instead of raisins!

Both boys got in on this craft! I printed off a Lemon coloring page and then mixed some lemonade mix in with yellow finger paint. This made the paint smell just like lemons! I was afraid that Eli might try to eat it since it smelled so good but he didn’t! 😉

I am still searching for where I found this Lollipop printable! I have got to start writing it down! Anyway, I cut out these lollipops and created different sequences for Luke to finish. Ok, found it.. the printables came from Homeschool Creations!

Then we made a Lollipop! I didn’t help him much with this. I cut the yarn in several pieces and let him do the rest. He’s pretty meticulous with his work.. wonder where he gets that from?

The weather was GREAT last week. Oh the beginning of fall! Love it! So we went outside and went on a scavenger hunt to find things that were Little and Large! Here is one of our Large pictures:

And here is one of our Little things:

This week we talked about how God is our Shepherd. We read Psalm 23 and talked about how God takes care of us just like (better than!) a shepherd does his sheep and Lambs. Luke put together a puzzle of shepherds watching over their sheep.

Then we made a Lamb! Directions here!

And for our last craft, we made the cute Lion from Totally Tots! We read Would The Love a Lion? by Kady McDonald Denton.
Luke also really loved working in his Kumon Uppercase book this week! He’s been eyeing those workbooks for several weeks now and he was so excited that this was the week we were going to start them! We did 4 lessons total.

Our verse was, “Man looks at the outward appearance but the Lord looks at the heart.” 1 Sam 16:7

The house rule that we focused on was: Love, Honor and Pray for One Another and we read 1 Corinthians 13 several times to talk about what it means to love others.
And in case you haven’t seen enough pictures… I updated my posts on Letter J and Letter K to include more photos since I found my cartridge!