I’ve decided to take a break from Facebook for the month of December. FB sucks my time. And I hate it. So, I’m letting it go for a month. And in the process I’m going to pray about where it fits in my life. If at all. I enjoy keeping up with people and sharing pictures of my kids but it’s not real life. Real relationships. I read this today from Sally Clarkson.. actually it’s a quote from her daughter, Joy, but it’s from Sally’s blog.

“You know, online media just can’t substitute for a real person. You can see words or a picture, but you can’t see the movement of a nervous gesture, or smell the perfume or odor of someone or look into their eyes, or hear the tone of their voice. There is no substitute in a relationship for the real thing.”

And she’s right. I want more real life. Less fake. I pray this will help me focus on the real.

I still plan on blogging, though… and I plan on blogging more about this later. I have a husband to spend time with now! 🙂

Oh and that blog post I mentioned.. soo good. It was definitely something I needed to read today.