I started counting last week shortly after I began reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. I’ve been counting the ways God loves me. And while, like Ann, at times I’ve felt foolish this counting has began to change me. Oh I am still here, still struggling. But it’s true, what Ann says, “Count blessings and discover Who can be counted on.”

Here is the beginning…

1. Warm shower water
2. Blowing bubbles and laughter
3. The gospel proclaimed
4. Eli laying on my chest- still my baby
5. Text messages from my hubby
6. Messy hands
7. Orange juice
8. Hand written notes from far away friends
9. Tiny finger pushing my cheek to ‘look’
10. Warm sunlight shining through windows
11. Muffin crumbs
12. The Jesus Story Book Bible
13. Foreheads to kiss
14. Sunlight glistening on a roadside lake
15. Jesus interceding (Romans 8:34)
16. Holy Spirit – groanings too deep for words (Romans 8:26)
17. Yellow Pansies
18. Rain- steady rain
19. Hungry little boys
20. Goofy faces in Target mirrors