(Jude at 35 weeks!)


Yikes! It’s getting close! Jude is coming soon! This makes me so excited and a little anxious! Am I ready? No! There are still things I need before he gets here and his room is totally not ready. The Hubs pulled up the carpet tonight. Painting the trim is next and then cleaning the floors and hopefully getting the crib set up. I’m still organizing bins of clothes but I am almost finished! I will be finished by the weekend!

How am I feeling? I’m feeling much better than last week! I spent last week mostly laying in bed! I had a really bad cold and sinus infection. Thankfully, I was able to treat it at home and am almost back to 100%. My ankles are swelling and I’m waking up often at night, so that hasn’t changed! I’m also still having some hip pain. It’s random and usually only bothers me at night. I started walking again this week and that feels great to be able to move! My body needs it!

Speaking of pain, the Hubs and I took a class on natural childbirth this past weekend! It was great and scary all at the same time. Natural childbirth is uncommon around here. At the hospital where I will deliver 95% of the deliveries are medicated and I have added to that percent since my two previous labors were medicated. (honestly, I’d also like to know what the c/section rate at our hospital is compared with those with a higher natural childbirth rate. I’d bet ours is higher. The state of Alabama is the 6th highest c/section rate in the U.S. Geez!) The class was very informative! We learned some helpful things to do during childbirth to ease pain. I especially loved the information on the effect an epidural has on a baby. It was amazing to see the study done on babies who hadn’t been medicated and babies who had. Remember, whatever the mother gets, the baby gets also! Anyway, I think it’s exciting the new things that are coming to our area and hopefully more and more women will choose to birth naturally. It’s a powerful thing and women have been doing it for thousands of years. It’s better for baby and mommy. I believe I can do it, I just pray that my previous c-sections don’t cause any issues that hinder it.

One thing I did find out at my Drs appointment is that I can’t use the labor tub. They want to monitor me 24/7 because I am considered high risk (because of the VBA2C) and you obviously can’t do that in the water. I wasn’t so upset about not being able to use the tub. I am more upset about being continuously monitored. I’m pretty much going to be tethered. So that will limit my mobility GREATLY! It’s frustrating. And just to add, this is not my Dr, this is the hospital and their policy. I’ll literally be able to get in and out of the bed… and that’s it. Lay down, stand up, make a 90 degree turn, turn back around, sit down. It really kind of threw my brain a loop because now I’ve got to prepare mentally for that. Typically, for a naturally laboring woman, mobility is her friend! It makes it even more important for me to stay at home as long as I can, because as soon as I get there I’m going to be hooked up and tied to my bed. Blah. I know it’s just an obstacle, but it’s a really annoying one. So, pray with me! Pray that I’ll actually enjoy laboring in one place and not moving. It’s possible! And continue to pray for my fears about laboring naturally and the issues that can arise in an attempted VBAC. Please pray that my labor will go well. I’m praying for my uterus to be healed, my body to do what God intended it to do, Jude to come out perfectly and us both be healthy! I’m trusting in the One who’s lead me down this path! He is faithful!

Now, I’m hungry… time for breakfast!