Scripture notecards for labor!

But any day could mean today.. or four weeks from now! I’m hoping more in the 1-2 weeks from now range! I had my Dr’s appointment Monday and everyone always asks, “Well, what did he say?” My snarky reply, “I’m still pregnant!” Really, Jude and I are both healthy and now we wait…. patiently! He hasn’t checked me yet, can you believe it? Have I told you how great of a doctor he is? If I’m not contracting or showing any other signs, then what is the point? Something as simple as ‘checking’ you is just another unnecessary intervention. And what does it really mean? I’ve heard of women walking around at 3 centimeters for weeks. Just because you’re dilating, doesn’t mean you’re having a baby soon. I also get, “are they guessing how big the baby is going to be?” Um, no. Because if you do your research, there is no way to tell, not even by sonogram. It’s all just a guessing game. I’m measuring right on time! We will find out what he weighs when he gets here! My guess? And this is purely a guess, but I think he’ll be bigger than Eli (7lbs, 12 oz) but smaller than Luke (8 lbs, 8 oz).

I’m having zero contractions, just the occasional crampy feeling that comes and goes randomly. I’m sure those are contractions but they aren’t the real deal. Thankfully, I know what that’s like! My swelling is much better. Last week I spent the better part of two days in bed with my feet up and drinking tons of water… and it helped. I’ve been very careful to keep my feet elevated for at least 30 minutes at a time, several times throughout the day and obviously drink lots of water. And I’m still walking and trying to do all of those good ‘get ready for labor’ stretches. I’m sleeping well, still waking ever 2 hours or so. My belly itches like crazy and has been for the past two weeks! He’s growing! I had some vivid dreams last night and woke up soaking wet from sweating (glamorous, I know). I’m guessing hormones!

Today, my sister is coming over to help me do some organizing and cleaning. I’m so thankful! I wish I could show you pictures of his nursery… but it’s not finished. This is symptoms of the third child syndrome. Hopefully it will be done by the time he’s 6 months old! 😉 That’s when our babies usually start to sleep in their own room, so there is really no need for it to be done immediately! I have my hospital bag partially packed (with a list of last-minute items I need to add) and am packing Jude’s today.

Thank you, thank you for your prayers. I have been more confident in the Lord since last week and I know that is greatly due to your prayers for me! Keep them coming!!

“The name of the LORD is a strong tower;
the righteous man runs into it and is safe.”
Proverbs 18:10