Yes, I know I’m not even at my due date yet… Spending some time in labor and delivery Wednesday completely threw me off though! I spent Thursday in a funk. I was frustrated and cranky. I was so hoping that labor would come soon after I got home! Obviously, it did not! After much prayer and thought though, I’m okay with waiting. Of course, I’d rather be holding my baby now but God has other plans! And it might just solely be to teach me (and some other people, ha!) some patience!

The questions, “Are you feeling anything?” or “Have you had any contractions?” might just make me go crazy though. I can promise that when I do really go into labor the world will know! Luke had even heard it so much that even he asked me yesterday afternoon!  He doesn’t even know what a contraction is. I can assure you that if anyone is anxiously waiting on real labor, it’s me! I’m trying to be positive though and enjoy the not knowing part. What a surprise it will be when Jude finally decides to come!

Another positive point is that I’m much more ready than I was earlier in the week. Thinking you might have a baby in 24 hours will do that for you! We’ve picked up things that we had just kept putting off. I’ve got my clothes packed and ready, finally. My mom came over yesterday and did lots of cleaning and I’m so thankful! So, the house is as ready as it’s going to get. It’s nice to know that when you leave you will come home to a clean house.

I also think that spending that time in L&D helped my nerves. Strange, I know. Monday in the Dr’s office my blood pressure was up (which often happens because I have white coat syndrome!). My OB wanted me to monitor it twice a day for the next two days and come in Wed for another office check. Well, I spent Monday afternoon and Tuesday totally freaked out about my bp. And even taking it at home I was anxious and it was higher than it normally is. Rather than check it twice a day like I was told, I was taking it 4 x’s a day which just made me more anxious. I was a little obsessed and was completely over-reacting, which just put more stress on me! (And obviously did not help my blood pressure at all!) So, when I woke up Wednesday and had some obvious signs of labor, I was excited! Seeing that my baby might be coming soon actually made me calm! I think it did the opposite for the Hubs though! 😉 So, I went in to have my blood pressure checked and it was a little high but better than before. My OB wasn’t in the office but at the hospital so I was sent over so I could be checked by him and monitored for a bit. My blood pressure was initially high but once I got comfortable it went down, lower than it had been in at least 2-3 weeks! I honestly only attribute that to all of the prayers that were being said for me! God was soo good to answer those prayers! When my OB checked me I was 4 cm dilated and 50% effaced. That was exciting! I knew my body was doing something but I was not contracting at all. Well, if I was, I couldn’t feel it! I told my Dr that I really didn’t want to stay and that I needed to go home. He assured me I could go home as long as my pressure stayed down for the next 2 hours. Praise God it did! I am SO thankful for a Dr who works with me and understands that labor and birth is a process and can take a while. Obviously, you know the rest of the story. It’s Saturday and I have no baby! I’m not contracting much at all. I will occasionally have a contraction but they are all in the front, random, very mild and short.  The crazy thing is that every night since I’ve been home I’ve woken up at 3am having contractions, but I fall back asleep and they disappear by the time I get up for the day. I even attempted to get up and walk one morning at about 3:30am but they disappeared when I did that. If I’m going to contract at night and be able to sleep, I might as well take advantage of it, right? So, my body is working and I’m fully trusting in what it’s doing!

God has been so gracious, so wonderful to me. He has answered prayers and calmed my nerves! He has been so faithful to show me that He is with me! Jude and I are healthy and I am going to enjoy these last moments of him being inside my belly! Pregnancy is a wonderful, mysterious thing! And for just a little while longer, I get to have Jude all to myself! 🙂

Thank you for your continued prayers! I can’t thank you enough! Keep them coming! I’m praying for Jude to come soon and in God’s timing! I’m praying that my blood pressure will stay down (it was amazingly good this morning!!), that I will stay calm and confident in the Lord and that I will be able to safely deliver Jude naturally!

When I think about all He has done, the verse, “who is man that you are mindful of him?” comes to mind. He is soo, soo good!

“Oh give thanks to the LORD, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures
forever!” Psalm 107:1