Happy 3 Weeks to my sweet Jude!

Here is what Jude has done today: peed all over Mommy and Daddy’s bed first thing this morning (he’s making sure Mommy keeps up on some housework!), nursed, pooped, napped (in the bathroom, while Mommy took a shower), pooped (twice in 5 minutes), nursed, nursed, nursed (3x’s in 3 hours) and FINALLY napped. I’m sure I missed a few poops! He’s still napping (going on an hour, so I better hurry!). I attempted the bouncy seat, Moby wrap and then the swaddling blanket. Finally the swaddling blanket did the trick!

So, what’s going on in our household? Well, we’re all adjusting to life with a new little person in the house. The boys are adjusting well! I’m so glad they are such good friends! They are happy (mostly) to play with one another while I’m busy nursing, changing, rocking and holding Jude. I am thankful they are at the age they are! At four and six, they can do a lot on their own and I’m sure they will learn do so a lot more in the weeks to come! I think it’s time I teach Luke some cooking skills! 🙂

I am doing good as well. Healing after a vaginal delivery is much nicer than a c-section! I have felt normal, physically, for a good while! The baby blues are finally gone, so I’m feeling better emotionally. The newborn stage is hard for me. I know everyone handles things differently. I handle it by staying home as much as possible. Nursing a newborn (often for 45 minutes to an hour at a time and then nursing him again in another hour, or sooner!) is hard work. It does get easier but at this stage, staying home is just more comfortable for me. Not to mention dealing with a baby who doesn’t want to nap for 3 hours and just wants to nurse on and off and doze! He tends to have random fussy times during the day when he doesn’t want to nap like that. I’m not complaining at all, I’m just explaining why it’s easier for me to stay home. I feel guilty because people start asking where you are or asking you to do things or go places. And well, I just want to stay home. I have a little anxiety about getting out with a baby. Eli was a very fussy baby and I can remember the first time I took him to church, he was close to 6 weeks old. I sat in the back, because I was nervous. Sure enough, he started fussing sometime during the service. I had to take him to the vestibule and walk him while he cried. I can remember someone coming out there and asking me what was wrong with my baby and did I pinch him. I know they were kidding but it just upset me. Nothing was wrong with him, other than he was just fussy (and probably wanted to go home like I did!). I can also remember going out to eat with family when Eli was an infant and him crying the majority of the time we were out. Just thinking about it makes me nervous! Jude is not as fussy as Eli was but I still have this fear! I like learning about my baby, what he likes and also getting to that stage where nursing is easier (shorter). I don’t pump so giving him a quick bottle doesn’t work. I did start giving him a pacifier some over the weekend. For some reason, I feel guilty giving him one. But when he nurses for an hour+ and I know he’s just tired, not hungry, I need some relief. That and when we get in the car and he’s screaming to the top of his lungs! Hey, that’s real life. And I like being real. 🙂 I know it will be no time and we’ll all be out and about. Right now my priorities are at home.

I’ll stop there and say I’m so thankful for a hubby who supports me and understands me! He encourages me and doesn’t make me feel guilty for wanting to stay home. We are opposites. He’s outgoing and a total people person. I’m introverted and a home body. So, for him to support me in wanting to be home, means a lot. He’s a fantastic husband. The best. He’s working so hard on school, too! The end is in sight and I know he is so excited!

We’re far from having things down but we’re learning a new normal that will continue to change over time! Breastfed babies (or mine at least) don’t get on a schedule for a while. We don’t even have a pattern yet! I’ve got to figure out how to cook dinner! And I don’t even want to think about how we’re going to do school in two weeks! I’m praying a lot over that one! Everything will work out. I’m trusting God! Right now my goals are to feed us all and shower daily. That’s about it! So far I’m meeting my goals! 😉

God is good and I am thankful for all He’s given me!