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(My biggest boy, Luke! Time is flying by too fast. Slow. Down.)

So much of my faith growing here lately has been because I have a new little person in the house. God totally uses our seasons of life to mold us and teach us. But it’s not only my littlest that God is using to shape me. God is also using my biggest guy as well. Luke is such a great kid. God is really working on his heart and that is so exciting to me! Along the same lines though, Luke has the tendency to obsess over things. He is a worrier… I wonder who he gets that from? Unfortunately, I know the answer to that all too well! Luke wants so badly to do the right things. So much, that he obsesses over the things he’s doing wrong. He is a people pleaser so it really bothers him when he’s disobeyed the Hubs or I. I really believe that the Holy Spirit is beginning to work on his heart about disobedience and sin but it seems that Luke doesn’t quite understand forgiveness, grace and living in the freedom of Christ. The weight of sin is heavy and I see it in my own child. We must see the gravity of our sin to see the need for a great Savior.

All of this is a new area of parenting. Of course, we’ve taught our children about Christ. But Luke is at the age where it’s becoming more personal. The story of Christ is becoming about him. And that is a great, great thing. So, how has this changed me? Well, for one it’s driven me to God in prayer. I want my children to know Christ as their Savior! And while I have prayed for this often, I have prayed for it more than ever in the past few weeks. Condemnation comes with sin but in Christ there is no condemnation and I want my sweet Luke to know this truth! That leads me to the next thing: Grace. I want my children to know grace. How can they know grace if I don’t show it? They are sinners. Yet, I often expect them to perform like they aren’t. How hypocritical is that? Very. God is so gracious to me in my sin! So, grace and love. I’ve been focusing on Psalm 145:8 these past few days. I was reading it the other night and it was as if God said, “Here, focus on this as you parent.”

The Lord is gracious and merciful,
slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love.

This is exactly how God is toward me. So, I want to follow Him in how I am toward my children. Obviously there are consequences to sin and obviously my children need training (as do I from the Lord) but I want that to all be filtered through grace and love first. I’m still trying to figure out how to mesh it all together but I’m trusting in God to give me what I need, when I need it. What would I do without the Holy Spirit as my helper!? This journey in motherhood is a wild and crazy one! God is using my children to sanctify me through and through! I’m so thankful for His work in me and my children!

Tell me, how is God working in your family life? What lessons are you learning from Him?

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