I planned a Facebook break this past weekend but totally failed it. Mastitis hit and since I was stuck in the bed, I kept good company with my phone. (more on all of that later) Considering I felt like death for over 48 hours, I think my lack of following through is acceptable. That’s what I’m telling myself anyway!

But for real y’all, I’m taking a Facebook break. Super short.. like a week. And I’m hoping to make a habit of it. Maybe a week every month. I need it.

I enjoy Facebook because it connects me with so many people that I may not get to see that often. I love sharing pictures of my kids. I get good articles from like-minded friends and find out about upcoming events, sales, etc. I’ll often shoot friends a prayer request when I have one and they do the same. But all of that can be done in just a few minutes and I can often let much longer than that pass without even noticing it! Even if I don’t just sit mindlessly, checking my phone every 30 minutes, even just a glance, is just a bad habit I want to break. I justify some of it because maybe I’m nursing Jude, but there are more edifying things I could be doing (praying, reading Scripture). I am a poor time manager to begin with so things like Facebook (Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram) make it that much worse. So, Facebook is not bad. 🙂 But I just feel like regular breaks will keep things in perspective for me. It’s a good thing that I think God will bless.

During my time away, I plan on focusing my ‘Facebook time’ on prayer. Here are the main areas I plan on praying over (these are in addition to what I normally pray for and specific for this break… maybe I’ll pray specifically over things every time I break):

Our homeschool year
My time management with household chores (or maybe praying for a maid!)
How to make time for real-life relationships with other women (and getting over my fear of doing so)
Mine and Jude’s nursing issues

I’ve done this in the past and it’s always helpful but I need to keep on a schedule. I think it would also be helpful to have accountability and encouragement. So, if any friend out there wants to join me, let me know via comment or email (Or catch me on FB before I go to bed.. I start tomorrow!). We can swap prayer requests and pray for each others specific requests!

So, do you struggle with managing your time online? I recently read “The UnWired Mom: Choosing to Live Free in an Internet Addicted World”. I highly recommend it. I downloaded it to my Kindle app, which is kind of funny considering. It’s actually what prompted me to take this social media break. I relate so much to Sarah Mae and enjoy her honesty about her own struggle with the Internet. When you hear other women be real and share struggles, well, it is such a breath of fresh air.

Well, Facebook… tomorrow you’re out. But I’ll see you next Tuesday. 🙂

(Totally random bit of info… this is my 500th blog post. If I were a cool blogger, I’d have a giveaway. Sorry, I’m totally not cool but I’m totally okay with that.)