Today my sweet Jude is 6 months old! How can that be?!? Every parent says it, but time really does go by so quickly. Having baby #3 has been challenging for me but I have honestly enjoyed Jude so much. I take the time to play with him and watch him giggle. I love to snuggle with him in the bed and smooch his little fat rolls! He is such a gift! So here are a few things I want to remember about him…

At 6 months:

Jude isn’t sitting up yet. He can if I help him and he will stay there by himself for a few seconds but he eventually falls over. Sometimes I think he might just crawl before sitting up.

He is already getting up on his hands and knees and rocking. He can also army crawl short distances to get things that he wants!

He is very ticklish! 🙂

He will hardly take a pacifier anymore. Sometimes I can sneak it in when he’s asleep (and still nursing) to get him down for a nap but most of the time he just spits it out! I obviously don’t mind but sometimes I do need him to detach himself from me! 😉

He can balance on his side when he’s rolling over and playing in the floor. He keeps one leg up in the air to help keep his balance. He can stay balanced on his side for a decent amount of time! It’s funny to watch because it looks like he’s posing!

He loves watching the Bubble Guppies. We don’t watch a lot of tv around here but occasionally the boys will watch Nick Jr. and one day Bubble Guppies was on. He LOVED it. He will talk to the TV and grin. So, we did like any responsible parents…. and DVRed all of the episodes. Hey, sometimes you need 20 minutes to get something done!

He doesn’t sleep through the night! I get asked that a lot. In fact, he wakes up about every 2 hours. Gasp!!! Really, it’s okay. Yes, I’m tired but he won’t do it forever. And it’s really normal for many breast babies to wake often. Night nursing is good for him (lots of fat rolls) and it’s good for me (keeps Aunt Flow away longer! Is that TMI?).

Jude has been exclusively breast fed for 6 whole months! Isn’t that amazing! No, I’m not talking about me. Moms everywhere nurse their babies just like I do. BUT God is just so good! I have kept a baby alive solely off my very own body! It’s just amazing to think about! God gives us as women the ability to sustain life for over a year (I’m including pregnancy!) His design is perfect!

So, in ending with that I’ll share the facts and myths that I promised in my last post.

One common myth is that many women can’t produce enough milk for their babies. The truth is somewhere between 1-3% of women actually can’t produce enough milk for their babies. That’s a VERY low amount of women! So here is a list of things that do not indicate a low milk supply:

Nursing frequently or for a long amount of time
A fussy baby
Frequent night wakings
A baby guzzling down a bottle of milk/formula after a feeding
Soft breast
No leaking
You get very little milk when pumping

And to counter that, here is how you can make sure your baby is getting enough milk:

~Feed on demand (you can’t nurse too often!!)
~Watch dirty/wet diapers, 1 dirty diaper for each day of life (1 on day 1, 2 on day 2). By day four (if your milk has come in) the diapers should start to turn yellow and dirty diapers will become more frequent (3-5 a day, while some babies poop every time they feed! Eli did!). Wet diapers are the same as dirty in the beginning and then when mama’s milk comes in 5-6+ a day is normal.
~Weight checks! Go to breastfeeding support groups where they have weekly weight checks!

You can find out more info about newborn eating habits and what to expect in the first few weeks on some of websites I listed in my last post.

Here is an awesome visual I came across through Facebook of the size of a newborn’s stomach up to one month:

baby's tummy

Other important things to remember:
If your pediatrician suggests supplementing for ANY reason, seek out a lactation consultant as a second opinion. Unfortunately, most pediatricians are not experts on breastfeeding.

Babies can bond with grandparents, daddies and friends just fine with only mommy feeding them. Babies also need to be held, changed, bathed, rocked and dressed. All of these things can be done by other people besides the mama!

Many medications are completely safe to take while nursing. Check with your Dr or a lactation consultant to find out about any medications!

So, since Jude is SIX months! We are going to experiment with baby led weaning (or baby led solids). Tonight, he will be getting a banana. I’ll post an update on how things are going soon!