Say what? Yes, my middle is FIVE today! There is something about 5. It’s like they aren’t babies anymore, but a little boy. Sigh. Oh Jude, grow up s.l.o.w. I can’t take much more!

Here are some of Eli’s favorites:

Food: I don’t have a favorite food. (Mommy would say it’s pizza!)
Dessert: Brownies.
Thing to play: Superhero.
Superhero: Superman.
Why? Because he can fly really fast!
Movie: Superman Returns.
Color: Green.
Toy: Superman.

Who is your best friend? Jake
What do you want to be when you grow up? “Airplane pilot who drives one of those planes that carries stuff, not people. Stuff like boxes.”
If you could make everyone follow a rule what would it be? “Cleaning my room.” And I’m pretty sure he means he would make everyone clean his room for him. 😉

Luke’s favorite thing about Eli is that he is good at imagining things. Luke loves to play imagination with Eli outside.

What can I say about my Eli!? He makes me smile. He has a spunky little spirit that I love so much! He is my dare devil and mischievous one. His little eyes sparkle and make you wonder what things he might be thinking up in that little blonde head of his! The wheels are always spinning, that’s for sure! You can always tell when he’s up to something because it’s written all over his face! He loves to color and is very meticulous about it, which is something you might not expect from him! He often surprises me with how well he handles difficult situations… except when he’s asked to clean his room.

Here are a few pictures of Eli over the past 5 years.

Fresh out of the oven:


At his first birthday party:


2 years old.. uh oh!


3 years old… I’m sensing a pattern 🙂

Eli 3

And playing outside after swimming at age (almost) 4…


Happy, Happy Birthday sweet boy! Mommy and Daddy love you so much!