I miss you, my few readers. I really miss blogging. I have lots on my mind to share with you but I just have so little time. I’m literally just treading water over here. Actually, I think I’m sinking most days. I want to talk to you about how life is going and our homeschool year. I want to share with you about soccer and Luke’s drama… oh and Eli’s broke arm. I want to update you on Jude and his adorableness! I want to share our life but it’s honestly just too overwhelming to sit down for any amount of time and think. So, why am I here?

Well, I’m in a group on facebook of several ladies who desire to eat well and feed our families well. We share struggles in this and also share tips and offer encouragement. It has encouraged me to get back to menu planning and sharing our meals here. I can’t promise to share all 7 days of the week. I usually only plan three meals and then either eat leftovers or put together what we have to make the rest. That’s just how life is right now. I buy what I can and trust God with the rest! And He always provides. So, this is a short week and here is what I’ve planned:

Salsa chicken (chicken breast in crock pot with a jar of salsa)on tortillas with black beans and rice (cheese and sour cream, too!).

Cheese quesadillas and leftover rice and beans (this is what we usually have as leftovers after the previous meal!)

Steak (Bought on sale! It’s been in the freezer for a while and I’m pulling it out for our anniversary!), baked potatoes and salad (with this yummy homemade ranch)

Broccoli and cheese soup, soda bread (I have a good recipe somewhere but I just haven’t found it!)

For breakfast, we will be having soaked oatmeal, grits (I found organic!) or eggs, all with fruit (right now, we have pineapple, bananas, oranges and apples).

Lunch will be sandwiches (trying a new bread recipe) or leftovers.

Snacks are yogurt, raisins, fruit, carrot sticks, celery sticks, nuts, dried apricots, pop corn, cheese sticks and maybe some pumpkin bread or cookies if I get around to making them!

I’m going to try, try to keep up with my menu planning and recipe sharing because I want YOU to know you can eat well on a slim budget! Keep me accountable!