Here is a little review of some of the highlights of the past year!

January– I was big and pregnant. I had a lovely baby shower (see that banner in my header above.. yeah, I should probably change that) given by the ladies at my church. My focus was on delivery and praying for my VBAC.


February- Jude was born! I birthed a baby vaginally! Are you totally tired of hearing me talk about that!? Well, sorry. It was a life changing moment for me and I will never stop talking about it!


March and April… are very foggy. I remember Easter… and that’s about it. I’m pretty sure I spent those months nursing Jude, teaching Luke the very, very basics of 1st grade and just surviving. I’m pretty proud that no one starved.


May- The Hubs graduated!! All of his hard work paid off and he was able to walk across that stage! I’m still so proud of him! We didn’t take a spring break because Jude was born so we went on vacation in mid May with my family. I’ll be honest, vacation with a 3 month old is not a vacation for the mommy. I had a good time with family and my big boys had a BLAST, so that makes it all worth it. We finished up our school year in May, too. We survived homeschooling with a newborn!

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June- In June we celebrated Luke’s 7th birthday. I don’t even want to talk about it. I have been overly emotional the past few days about my children growing up! We celebrated with family on his actual birthday. We also celebrated Father’s day by having a cookout and fishing with my dad! That was the day my sister got to share the news with my parents that she was going to have a baby! Due soon!! Eek! I wrote this post about what God was doing in my life. It was good to go back and read it today.



July– In July, we had a joint birthday party for both boys at a local pool. It decided to rain so we had to move the party indoors. It was disappointing but the kids all had a blast building LEGOs together. I was pretty proud of my LEGO plates. I also posted this about busting myths and being real.

261 legohead

August- We started Luke’s 2nd grade year officially at the very beginning of August. We started a week before public school because I wanted to have a few extra days. Having a baby in the house is unpredictable and looking back I’m so glad we started early! We’ve had the leisure of taking a few days off when we need them and we are still on track. This month also started soccer season. Eli decided to play this year and Robby coached his team! We celebrated Eli’s 5th birthday at the end of the month at home with family! Jude also started sitting up this month and had his first taste of solid foods.


September- Jude became my earliest crawler at 6 months old in September! Both Luke and Eli didn’t crawl until somewhere between 8-9 months! I wasn’t ready for that!! The little stinker also learned to pull up on the couch in the same month.


October- The biggest event of the month was that Eli fractured his elbow! He wore a cast for about 5 weeks and was a champ about it. In mid October we went and visited my sister and her husband for the first time in their new home. The Hubs and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary on the 16th! We had our first date since Jude was born! The boys also had fun dressing up for Halloween!



November- I got my Young Living starter kit!! I LOVE YL essential oils! I’m learning more and more about how awesome and useful they are everyday! We also had a baby shower for my sister and Luke preformed in his first drama performance at the local library. He played a snail in “A Year With Frog and Toad”.


December- December was spent mostly winding down with our first semester of school and attending various parties. Jude got his very first tooth this month and Luke lost the last of seven teeth this year! We spent a lot of time with family and friends. We celebrated Jude’s very first Christmas with all of the grandparents and great grandparents. Having them all over on Christmas Day was such a blessing! We will be spending the last night of 2013 at home together as a family. We have sparklers for the boys, maybe watch a movie and we were going to make s’mores. That might have to be postponed because of Eli’s nasty cough. Either way, we’ll have fun as a family.

christmas2 christmas3

Twenty-thirteen was a memorable year. I do have to say I’m glad to leave it behind, though. It’s been wonderful and tough at the same time. I’m praying over next year and whatever road God has for us to walk. I’m thankful my future is in His hands. He is always good.

The unfailing love of the LORD never ends! By his mercies we have been kept from complete destruction. Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each day. I say to myself, “The LORD is my inheritance; therefore, I will hope in him!” Lamentations 3:22-24

Happy New Year!