I’m seriously sitting here listening to the Beatles. I thought it was appropriate. I’ve even got Jude humming along with it, too. Looking back on Jude’s birthday, I’m still in shock and amazed that I actually birthed him vaginally. Go ahead, roll your eyes. I know, I talk about it a lot. But it was so awesome. I’m still so thankful! The first few months of Jude’s life were a blur, as are most with a new baby! I really struggled for a while and I’m pretty sure I had postpartum depression but just didn’t know what it was until the fog started to lift around 7-8 months. It was new territory for me! I won’t go into lots of detail because this is supposed to be about my sweet Jude. And though I was depressed, that did not take away from the joy that Jude brought!
Jude is such a happy little guy! He has fit into our family so perfectly. He has been fairly easy-going from birth as long as he has his mommy near by! And I love having him near by just the same! Our lives wouldn’t be complete without him. I’m so thankful God gave me another little boy. He knows just what we need.


So, what are Jude’s favorite things? Jude loves to eat. He loves all kinds of foods. Most of the time he eats more than his brothers do. He honestly can pack it away. He also enjoys eating things that are not food… Kleenex (both the tissue and the box), paper, used band aids (yes, GROSS!), mail, chalk, and the list goes on. Out of all of my children he has to be the worst at eating non-edible things!

Along with eating, he still loves to nurse. He still nurses 8-10 times a day. I’m so thankful to have nursed him for a year. It has been H.A.R.D… with more plugged ducts that I can count, mastitis twice and other things that you just don’t want to know, but totally worth it. I have sat and grimaced in pain while he ate more times than not but I was not giving up. There was never even a question about it. I have slowly cut a few feedings out but I don’t plan on stopping nursing him for a long while! My goal is two years and beyond! Jude also loves to watch his brothers play. He is so excited that he can chase them around the house now that he is walking. He thinks they are the best! His favorite toys are balls and things that are not toys! He also loves to watch Bubble Guppies! I’m not sure what it is about that show but he loves it. It’s my saving grace sometimes when I desperately need to get something done.

Jude has a total of 6 teeth now. He has two on the bottom and four on the top. At his yearly check up he weighed 23 lbs and 5 oz! His weight gain has slowed down, as expected, now that he is walking. Luke was around 22 lbs at a year, so I’m still expecting Jude to slim down and become one of my skinny little boys! He still, as you can see, has pretty much no hair! I love my little baldy though. He has the most perfect little head. Although, he’s right at the table height, so he seems to always have red marks all over from bumping into it!


This sweet little boy loves his daddy, too! If he’s hungry or tired he wants me, but you should see him light up when the Hubs walks through the door from work. It’s the most precious thing! So, some other things.. how is Jude sleeping? Haha! Jude sleeps with us! We have side carred his bed to ours. I do put him to bed in his room (pack and play) at night so I don’t have to worry about him falling off before I go to bed. But once he wakes up, which is almost always before midnight, he comes to bed with us. He nurses and if I don’t fall asleep, I scooch him over to his crib. But honestly, most of the time he’s laying right next to me! He still nurses anywhere from 3-6 times a night. When he only wakes 3 times to nurse, which has just started happening here recently, I consider that an awesome nights sleep! Anytime I get frustrated, I just glance across the hall and look at my big boys and I know that Jude will be in his own bed soon enough. The truth is, most night I enjoy snuggling up with Jude and my hubby. It works for us! 🙂


And now, 13 months old, Jude is starting to show us what I like to call “the real life example of our own depravity”. He’s a sinner and it shows. He didn’t learn it, it is who he is. He’s already wanting to be defiant and have his own way. There’s a sermon in there somewhere but I’ll save that for another day! It will be a challenge and joy to train him up as we are doing his brothers! What a responsibility! Lord, grant us grace and mercy!

So, Jude is growing up and it is bittersweet. I love that little boy more than words. He makes life sweeter! I love my sweet little monkey! See that grin? It chases the clouds away!