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I was going to sit down and write out a back to school post (and I will) but I’ve had something else on my mind for the past few weeks and after tonight, I just wanted to share my heart.

I am a breastfeeding mama. I have three amazing boys. Luke, my first, was formula fed from 3 weeks on. Eli was nursed until he was 27 months and Jude is still nursing at 18 months. I’ve been there when nursing didn’t work. I just want to preface my post with that.

If you know anything much about me or happen to be my Facebook friend, you know I’m pretty passionate about breastfeeding. I post a lot of informative posts about breastfeeding and I’ll share why in a bit. When I was pregnant with Eli, I prayed the entire pregnancy that God would help me be able to nurse him. God granted that request. And it was still hard. Really hard. When Eli was 3 weeks old I even asked God to let me quit because it was so hard. I felt Him say no (and I’m so glad I listened!). Thankfully, I had the resources and support I needed to make breastfeeding Eli happen. My success after failure is one of the reasons I’m so passionate about it.

Do I care whether or not your nurse your baby? Yes, actually I do. Do I respect your choice? Of course. I think nursing is the best. Why? Because it is. You can’t argue with facts. I think every mom should nurse their baby for many, many reasons. Listen to me when I say this though, I HAVE A FORMULA FED CHILD WHO IS BRILLIANT AND HEALTHY. But formula wasn’t the best choice for him. And I own that. I finally came to terms that I just didn’t have the support I needed. I didn’t have the knowledge I needed. I’ve dealt with my guilt and I moved on. Maybe you chose formula without even attempting breastfeeding. That’s your right, your choice. Own it.

I post informative posts because I wish I had read them when I was pregnant with Luke. I wish I knew what I know now. I wish someone had told me. I wish I had known someone who had nursed their babies. I knew no one! Not ONE! I would have befriended them and asked them a gazillion questions. I don’t post informative posts to say I’m better than you. I’m not better than you. Far from it. My posts aren’t targeted toward you. My posts are for the women who need them and who are looking for them! And thankfully, I have had more encouragement than discouragement as a result of my breastfeeding posts. I know there are women who are into mommy shaming. I’m totally not. Those who know me, know that. This is important. In the past, I’ve been made to feel that I’m intentionally hurting others and that is farthest from the truth. I have never posted anything remotely in the mommy shaming category. I’m into mommy supporting, mommy encouraging and mommy informing.

I’d like to share one more, perhaps the most important, reason why I’m so passionate about breastfeeding. Breastfeeding points to an amazing Creator God. It’s His perfect design for a baby’s nutrition. Nursing screams the goodness and gloriousness of God. What an awesome creator we have! It’s baffling that Christians would suppress something naturally designed by God. He wonderfully made women to carry their babies and then gave us the perfect way to feed them. Amazing! When we nurse our babies, we glorify God! Why would we hate what He created us to do?

Lastly, nursing a baby is never indecent. Never. What has happened to us as a society when we make breastfeeding taboo? The problem is not a baby eating, the problem is the people who think breastfeeding is indecent. I am a Christian, a believer in Christ. I am modest, yet, I nurse my baby without a cover. This thought that breastfeeding should be done covered or privately is only a recent one in America. God did not create something indecent. Remember what we are talking about… a baby eating. If someone sees a baby eating as inappropriate, they are the one with the problem. That is what I find disturbing. Also, breastfeeding is a learned behavior. Future generations need to see women feeding their babies. I have a large group of breastfeeding mama friends and my boys see them nurse often (and they, of course, see me nurse Jude). Guess what they think breasts are for? Feeding a baby. When we tell women to cover up or go hide somewhere to nurse their child, what message are we sending to young boys (and girls)? Is that the message they need? My boys will be better men, husbands and fathers for knowing what God created a woman to do.

I don’t apologize for being passionate about breastfeeding. I don’t apologize for loving and promoting something God designed. We all have passions. This is one of mine. It’s a good one. One I know God has given me.

More details about my breastfeeding journey (the ups and downs!) HERE.

Thanks for taking the time to read ❤