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Can you believe it? A Menu Plan Monday! It’s been ages since I posted a menu plan but I’ve actually had a few people request it! Exciting! So, I’m committing to posting my menus weekly and I also have some other ‘eating real food on a budget’ blog post ideas swarming around my head! So stay tuned! I live a crazy busy life, with cooking from scratch, homeschooling two (plus a toddler) but blogging about the things I love is a passion. So, it comes in spurts… or seasons rather. And that’s okay. I’m going to try! So, if you like it, let me know! Encourage me to keep going!

I’ve been working hard at eating well. I had been slacking, mainly just not being intentional about nourishing my body. I’ve always struggled with food. I like to eat. confession: I like to eat bad, unhealthy food (hello, Doritos, Cadbury Eggs and Coke!). Over the past two years particularly, I’ve been teaching myself moderation and learning to let go of the guilt that comes with eating. I’ve asked myself, why is eating real food important to me and are there legitimate reasons I should avoid these so-called ‘bad’ foods? I’ve also been focusing on how I feel when I eat certain things, not emotionally, but physically and why does food often have such a hold on me. It’s a real issue that many struggle with and we (those with these issues!) do ourselves a favor thinking and working through our actions and feelings. Surprisingly, I’ve let go of some of my legalistic food rules and ideas yet, I’m eating more nourishing, real food. It’s a journey! And the biggest motivation for myself is knowing that I will be healthier AND feel better when I feed my body the best that I can, while remembering that God is sovereign over my body and health no matter what I do. I started an Instagram account as a sort of food journal, so if you want to follow that journey, find me: @healthy_mom_wife_life

So, onto my menu for this week!

Good To All... Counting

Chili and Corn Bread

Thai Chicken & Veggies Over Rice Noodles (subbing chicken thighs)

Dublin Coddle and Biscuits

Baked Salmon, Rice and Steamed Veggies

Pumpkin Pancakes, Scrambled Eggs and Oranges (we have this a few times a month! Love brinner!)

Turkey Tacos with rice and beans (using my favorite taco seasoning mix!)

Those are the six meals that I have planned for the week! Will they all be made? Probably not. I leave one meal open for leftovers and we often save room in the budget to go to Chick fil A on church night. It just makes life easier. So, more than likely, one of those meals will be moved to next week.

My goal this week is to do a separate post on our typical breakfasts and lunches! I’m also keeping a tally of my spending but I will report back at the 2 week mark, since that’s how our pay period goes. I typically spend more the first week and then use the ‘leftover budget” to fill in the gaps the next week.

Random question. I need a new header, considering said boy is 19 months old! Suggestions?