Whew, we had a busy weekend and I didn’t get this done when I wanted! I literally spoke my menu into the notes section of my phone. Most of my menu was created off of what we had in the pantry/freezer! I am going to get a few filler items tomorrow at Aldi but other than we’ve been living off that one grocery trip. After my Aldi trip, I’ll tally up my spending and share what I spent. I’m hoping to have spent under $200 for the two weeks! So, here’s my menu:

Spaghetti and Sautéed Veggies

Baked Salmon, Baked Sweet Potato and Green Beans

Veggie Soup, Cornbread

Shepherd’s Pie, Salad

Soft Tacos, Rice and Beans (I changed last weeks to nachos because I ran out of time to make tortillas!)

I’m only planning five meals because I’m hoping for extra leftovers! If not, I’ll make breakfast or we’ll have sandwiches! Must make bread tomorrow!! Have a great week, yall! I’ve got post this before it’s not Monday anymore.