I just got Jude in bed and I should be doing dishes… and laundry… and a thousand other chores but I’m not. Instead, I want to share my menu with you (like promised!). Let’s get the food stuff out of the way and then I’ll share how well I stuck with our budget!

Red Russian Kale & Onion Breakfast Casserole

Here is my weekly dinner menu:

Kale and Onion Egg Casserole, Fruit

Chicken Pot Pie

Cheesy-Mexi Lentil Macaroni, Salad

BBQ Chicken Sandwiches, Baked Sweet Potatoes, Green Veggie

Grilled Cheese, Homemade Tomato Soup (It’s SO easy and good!! I use this recipe, but cook it all and then blend with my immersion blender at the end. Ditch the can!)

Shepherds Pie, Salad

There it is! I’m cooking a whole chicken in the crock pot for the BBQ chicken and pot pie. And I’ll also make some broth for the freezer!

So, my budget…  My goal is to spend $100 a week on groceries a lone. Did I do it? Nope. I spent around $230 for two weeks, which isn’t too bad over budget. I really, really want to do better but it is almost impossible. I hardly bought any meat and just used what we had but, you know, eventually it all gets eaten! One thing I know is that God always provides for us. It’s really fun to watch Him meet our needs. He’s good. 🙂

Well, y’all have a great week!