I haven’t blogged in a while! Life is busy and fun and exhausting. Sometimes it’s stressful and down right hard! I thought I’d sit down a minute and talk about some things going on with the family.

(Eli making a relic box)

We are winding down our school year! We’ve got two months left. I LOVE homeschooling but this mama also loves summer break, just like the kids! We’ve had a great year learning about world history (from Genesis to where we are now: The Middle Ages), dinosaurs, the Arctic Tundra, constellations and we’re currently doing a unit on the Great Barrier Reef. It’s been a fun year and maybe I can get together a post with lots of their favorite things we did. I’ve already picked curriculum for next year and have it in hand. I do this every year because we purchase school material at tax refund time. I enjoy being ready and not really thinking much about school until right before we start. We’re veering from Heart of Dakota, but not because we don’t still love it. We do! We are technically ahead in history a year. So, we’ve decided to break from their core curriculum and do Alabama history and some US geography. Actually, the Hubs is going to do Alabama history! I’m really excited about all of the possibilities and fun field trips! We will still stay on track with our math and language arts. Luke picked out a science curriculum from Answers in Genesis about the solar system that he and Eli will do together. I always love planning the next school year!

(Jude reading with mismatched gloves and two hats… and it was 75 degrees out. Silly boy!)

Luke is really into Minecraft these days. I don’t get it but he loves it. So for his two game days a week, he gets a little Minecraft playing in. He also LOVES to read about Minecraft. I just love that he’s reading. He truly loves to read when it’s something that interests him. Eli is not so much into Minecraft. He still loves playing Legos and just pretending. His favorite thing to play with Luke is “imagination”… which is just pretending he’s some superhero! Jude loves Legos, too. A good part of my day includes putting tiny swords and shields into tiny Lego men hands.. or putting capes or jet packs on their backs. He’s very serious about his Lego accessories. He’s also loves Hot Wheels (especially lining them up) and is recently really enjoying looking at books with me. For a while, he was really not interested in looking at a book at all. They all love to be outside and I’m looking forward to warmer weather! Soccer practice has started and we’re looking forward to the upcoming games!

(This is The Killer Blob, as named by my husband and boys. AKA, sourdough starter)

I’m not sure I mentioned it on the blog but Luke was diagnosed with a peanut allergy (almond cumin, oats, jalapeno and pinto beans) last year. It’s been an adjustment and we’re still learning! Thankfully, he can still have almonds and almond butter (as long as there is no cross contamination). We haven’t tried any other nuts for various reasons. It’s mind-boggling how you can eat something your whole 8 years of life and then all of a sudden become allergic to it. I have my theories that I won’t express her! Anyhow, We are working at adding probiotics and fermented foods to all of our diets and especially seeing that Luke gets a good amount in to help heal his gut. He has also been complaining of tummy aches that we think are digestive issues so as of now he has been completely gluten free. The whole family has pretty much been gluten free with the exception of some things that I already had in the house. My goal is to NOT go gluten free forever. I don’t think that’s necessary. My goal is to work at adding lots of good bacteria to help heal the gut and digest food better and to start making all of our baked goods either sour dough or soaked. This will help all of our bodies to digest them better. This is really just the push I need to do what I already felt like I needed to be doing. So, yeah.. just one more thing to make us weirder than we already are. I’m okay with that.

Lots of other things are going on but I’m going to go ahead and end here. I hope to be back soon! Have a fantastic Monday!