We had a super relaxing and enjoyable weekend. The kids and I spent  Friday at my moms celebrating my Mawmaw’s birthday. Saturday was a rainy and gloomy. We just spent the day at home. I organized and went through some bins of clothes. I’ve been swapping over seasons and seeing what I had saved for Eli and Jude. Robby took a load of stuff to the thrift store. I love watching stuff we don’t need or use ride off to the thrift store. It’s such a good feeling. It’s literally like a weight being lifted. We have a lot of stuff but we are continually trying to live more simply. Later, we watched the Alabama game and just hung out. I love days like that. I’m such a homebody!

Sunday was such a good day, although, it didn’t start out that way for me. I woke up anxious and who knows why! I worked through it and mid sermon I was good. Sunday’s message was something I desperately needed to hear. We are going through Proverbs and it was on using our words to bring encouragement and life. I need a lot of work in this area and I needed to do a lot of confessing afterwards! If you’d like to listen, HERE is the link to the sermon. I had left my phone in the diaper bag which was with Jude in the nursery, so that was frustrating. I take notes on my phone, so I had to squeeze my notes on the bulletin. I think I’m going to switch back to a notebook for sermon notes. Otherwise, I’m going to have to save and print all of my phone notes. And well, we all know I’m not going to actually do that. Do you take notes in church? If so, what kind of system do you use? It’s a proven fact (right?! or did I make that up?) that you remember more if you take notes.

We had a lovely baby shower for a friend at church Sunday afternoon. I absolutely love baby showers at our church. They are unique in that not only do we shower the mama and baby with gifts of diapers, clothes and the like, but we also shower them with some spiritual encouragement. At each shower someone speaks on biblical motherhood. It’s so beautiful and not only does it feed the sweet mama preparing for her new baby but I think I can speak for most mamas there, it serves us as well. I’m thankful to attend a church that sees motherhood as such a high calling. It’s seen in the way us mamas are encouraged to remember that our heart is our home. Yesterday, we were encouraged to allow the gospel to shape our days, rather than others’ ideas of what our lives should look like or what we should be accomplishing. It’s easy to feel like a failure when our homes don’t quite look like a Pinterest photo at the end of the day and our to-do list is still a mile long. We put standards on ourselves that Christ never intended. I’m so encouraged to be surrounded by a community of women who desire a deep relationship with Christ.  They spur me on in my own walk with Christ. It is such a blessing!

{Just as an FYI, an excerpt from the book Mom Enough was read at the shower. I haven’t read it yet but actually downloaded the book about 2 weeks ago. There are a few free downloads here. I have heard great things about it! I’ve read from several of the authors and have really loved what I’ve read. Godly mentors (Titus 2!) are few and far between, and I’m thankful for the ones I’ve never met who write wise words for me to read.}

I hope you all have a great week!