We had a fun three day weekend, so I’m posting our weekend recap (in list style) today!

1. My favorite Fridays are when my hubby is home! We are blessed that he gets every other Friday off. This Friday we decided to take breakfast to the park and have a little picnic. It was a great way to start off our weekend, even if we did come home and do some school!


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2. Saturday we spent the majority of our day organizing! We cleaned out two closets, plus part of another. I am NOT an organizer. Seriously, my sister got every bit of those genes. I am really trying to get better at storing things we use wisely, getting rid of things we don’t and making our space work for us, not against us! Simplify! The boys also had fun putting together a puzzle we found that had never been opened!


3. I love chocolate and have totally been craving something chocolaty and sweet! I gave up all refined sugar over a month ago. I also gave up all processed breads/grains. I am eating traditionally fermented (for at least 8 hours) sourdough a few times a week. I made these brownies with coconut sugar (it is technically “refined” but I am okay with having it in a treat now and then. I have only used it once in the past 5 weeks for myself.) last week and while they weren’t really like a fudgy brownie, they were good! Robby and I both noticed that they were much better the next day right out of the fridge. I’m going to play with the recipe to try and get something more brownie-like!

4. Speaking of a treat, most nights I just have a cup of tea with a little honey. I use to really not like hot tea at all but over the past year it has grown on me and now I love it. I have a cup almost every night and it satisfies that sweet, comforting taste I’m looking for at the end of the day. There is something about holding a warm cup of tea (or coffee) that is soothing to the soul! My favorite night time teas right now are Numi Honeybush and Yogi’s Chai Rooibos teas.

5. My sweet little muffin has slept in his own bed for the past three nights. He now has his own big boy bed in the room with his big brothers. He sleeps through the night now, but last night he was up twice the first two nights, but last night only once! I knew there was going to be some adjustments. The first night was bittersweet for me. Jude has been next to me for the past 2.5 years, so it was a change for both of us! It was definitely time for him to move out of our bed though. He still nurses to sleep! 🙂

6. I’m a huge fan of fall. Football, cooler temps, chili, soups, pumpkin bread, cinnamon spice everything and my anniversary! I ditched candles a while back and only use my essential oil diffuser in the house. I decided to come up with a fall spice scent to replicate those fall smells I love. Here is the recipe I came up with and love for the diffuser!
3 drops of cinnamon bark
2 drops of nutmeg
2 drops of orange
1 drop of ginger
1 drop of clove
It smells so yummy! The only down side is that it might make your family think that you are baking something yummy!

7. Robby picked me up a new notebook to take notes in during church. I love it! I was expecting a plain jane one (which I would have been totally happy with!) but he had picked out something he knew I would love. When he brought it home, he told me that it was only $14.99. I gasped! He knew I would probably flip because, um, a notebook for $14.99! Of course, he was joking! It was only $2.99 from Target. Isn’t it pretty?


8. We were blessed with a new washer and dryer this weekend! The Lord is truly our Jehovah Jireh and provides for us! It’s been fun learning how to use it because it has a lot of buttons! It’s like a new toy to me!

9. Speaking of laundry… My mom came by to visit this afternoon and helped me get caught up on some of it!! Luke came in the kitchen and saw her putting on a load of laundry and said, “I don’t think this is how you should treat guests!” LOL! It only takes a few days for a family of five to get way behind laundry. I’m thankful for the time I got to spend with my mama today!

10. I just finished reading through the book of Ephesians and started Philippians. I’m doing the study on She Reads Truth. As I looked back over the week, my favorite post from last week was on friendship (from Phil 2:19-20). I am surrounded by some really amazing women. I mentioned it last Monday, but this got me thinking about it more. I have women that I can text or call a prayer need and they will pray immediately for those needs. I don’t want to take that for granted. When they say they will pray, I know they will pray and meet with the Father on my behalf or on the behalf of someone I know. Vivian Mabuni says, “We become like the people with whom we spend our time.   God calls us to walk with Him in the company of like-minded believers. Like Paul, we learn that while following God’s will is extremely worthwhile and rewarding, it’s also utterly mysterious and sometimes flat-out hard. This is why the people we choose to surround ourselves with play such a critical role.” I was encouraged to praise God for these women and also pray that the Lord will give me opportunities to grow in my relationships with them. My challenge to you: Who do you surround yourself with most? Do they deepen your desire for the Father? Do they encourage you to dig into God’s Word? Do they encourage you to be more Christlike?

Well, that about sums it up! Are you a hot tea drinker? Have any types or flavors that I must try? What about healthy sweet treats that would satisfy and nourish? Bonus if they are gluten free or sourdough! And lastly, how do you nourish the friendships you have with other believers outside of the church walls?

Hope you have a great week! It’s almost half over!