I mentioned that I had made some New Years goals in my last post and I thought I’d share some of them this week. Honestly, for years I thought NY resolutions were kind of silly. I just read a post by someone who was shopping at a health food store earlier today. They commented to the cashier at how busy it was at 4pm on a Sunday afternoon. The cashier replied back that January was their busiest month of the year but it goes right back to normal in February. People are changing their eating habits.. for one month. Anyway, I thought it was interesting and one reason why I’m not big on major resolutions. Much of the time they don’t stick. But small goals throughout the year, I can do that. Taking some time to reflect on our life is a good thing.

Today, I’m going to stick to my health (food) goals for the year and honestly, I don’t have many that I’m starting. Most of them I’m just continuing. Over the past several years our family has slowly made changes to the way we eat. We eat a mostly real food diet and keep processed foods to as little as possible. We think this is important for our family. Our bodies are a gift and we want to take care of that gift by treating it well and taking care of it.

I gave up refined sugar back in October. What that means is no white sugar (or brown sugar). I mainly use honey and maple syrup. I occasionally use coconut sugar. Besides a little dark chocolate here and there and some BBQ sauce on a BBQ pizza, I’ve stuck to this goal. This is not a short term goal for me, this is a forever goal. Last year was the first time I’ve ever went through Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas with no dessert. Of course, you can make dessert without refined sugar but I just didn’t make anything. I’ve never been through Halloween without at least a little candy! And I survived! I’ll admit, the cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning were hard to resist but I’m determined to make them sourdough next  year and with coconut sugar! It’s hard to find research saying refined sugar is good for you, so I plan to continue this as a lifestyle change.

(Our New Years dinner was homemade pizza. This one was BBQ chicken with red onion on a sourdough crust. I used the Archer Farms spicy barbecue sauce. It is corn syrup free!)

Around the same time I gave up sugar, I decided to go gluten free. I’m not one who thinks all gluten is evil, but I do think that processed gluten products (packaged crackers, bread, pasta) are not so great for you because of the strange chemicals added. And if you are trying to heal your gut, then going off gluten in the process is a good move. Gut health is so important. This is the main reason I decided to go gluten free. I’m working on my gut health (SLOWLY). I am still eating traditionally fermented sourdough that I make at home. It is easier to digest and much (though, not always all) of the gluten proteins get broken down in the process. Traditional food preparation is always better. So, one of my goals to go along with this is to make more sourdough. I plan to slowly convert all of my baked goods (muffins, pancakes, etc), so that all of us are only eating traditional sourdough at home.

(My most recent sourdough loaf. I made this with 1 part spelt and 2 parts white flour. Delicious!)

Before Christmas I decided to give up coffee and tea. So, I plan to continue that. Like my other goals, this one is long term, too. With my anxiety, I felt like this was a good move for me. Occasionally, caffeine will cause my heart to race and that is the last thing I need. Also, because my anxiety causes so much stress on my body… because it is stress… I know my poor adrenal glands need support and caffeine does the opposite of that! I do love decaf coffee and herbal teas! There is just something comforting about a warm mug in your hands!

(One of my favorite herbal teas! I love a cup before bed!)

Lastly, I want to get back to making kombucha regularly and learn to make homemade sourkraut (and possibly other fermented foods). Again, these are beneficial for the gut and something I’d like to add to all of our diets. I’m going to work on adding these slowly, because a sure way to fail is to do too much at once! So, once I get my kombucha system down again, I’ll start on kraut. I’m just praying my SCOBY isn’t dead. It’s looking like it might be. I’ve got some brewing and so far… nothing. :/ Thank goodness  I have a friend who always has SCOBY’s going!

(Back when I had my kombucha system running like a well oiled machine! I’ll get there again!)

So, as you can see these aren’t all goals that I made on Jan 1st. These are goals that I’ve made over the past few months and a few more recent ones. Nonetheless, January is a good time to talk about them! I’ll leave you with something my pastor said this morning that he had heard recently: a goal without a plan is just a wish. Of course, he was talking along the lines of disciplines for holiness in leadership but it applies here, too. It’s something to ponder for sure. I have some other areas of life that I’ve set some goals for as well! Hopefully I can find time to share them soon.

What about you? Resolutions? Goals? Or none at all?