One of my favorite things about Instagram is that it’s visually appealing. I also love getting to peek into my friends lives via photos. I truly do miss Instagram for that reason but I know now is not the time to return. I always tried to limit my photos of food on Facebook because I know they get old, but it’s all fair game and totally appropriate to post food photos on Instagram. I used Instagram to share simple, real food meals to hopefully encourage others that it can be done by anyone. You can serve your family real, wholesome food, on a budget and do it simply so you’re not in the kitchen every second of the day. I haven’t gotten it perfected but it’s one of my goals! I’m no genius in the kitchen but I do work hard at planning and preparing food for my family and want to share with those who have similar goals. We can all help each other out!

In the past I’ve shared meal plans here but I think I’ll use this space as a sort of weekly (I hope) “what we ate” post to share what we eat any new tips, recipes or ideas. I know I’m not the only one who likes to see what other people eat… right?Ā  I use to love to watch MTV Cribs and especially the glimpse in celebrities’ refrigerators! (What does that say about me..?) My goal is to show that mostly what we eat is healthy, simple and doable. I also plan to show you the not so healthy things we sometimes eat. So, you’ll see the good, the bad and the ugly. And don’t worry, I’m not showing every little thing we put in our mouths, just the highlights. Let me hush and get started.

We love biscuits around here. I make biscuits once or twice a week either for breakfast with scrambled eggs (what these were for) or to go along side our dinner. I typically use this recipe (minus the sugar and use buttermilk in place of milk). I haven’t had a biscuit in a long time because I only eat traditionally fermented wheat products. I’d prefer that my family eat that way, too, but sourdough biscuits were one thing that I just couldn’t seem to figure out. Life without a good biscuit is rather sad! The good news is, I’ve almost perfected a sourdough biscuit recipe. When I get it perfect, I’ll definitely share for my sourdough loving friends. The idea came to me as I was making sourdough cinnamon rolls, which are flaky like a biscuit… it was a light bulb moment. Considering it’s been a while since I’ve eaten a buttered biscuit, I loved every bite I had!


Lunches around here consist of leftovers, sandwiches, nachos or what we like to call snack lunch. Every once in a while, I buy Ezekiel sprouted tortillas from Publix and we have a wrap. This was a turkey, cheese and lettuce wrap. We don’t do lunch meat often, but when Publix has their Greenwise turkey on sale, I pick some up. It has clean ingredients (turkey, water, salt and potato starch), so it’s a good way for us to break up the almond butter and jelly monotony.


One night last week I cooked a whole chicken in the crock pot for dinner. It’s something I do about 2-3 times a month. We had chicken with a baked sweet potato and green peas. After I cook a whole chicken, I always use the bones for broth and cook it overnight in the crock pot. This usually results in soup the next night and several cups of broth for the freezer. This soup started out as chicken and noodle, but I decided mid-cooking that I didn’t want noodles, so I cut up a few potatoes and then at the last-minute I threw in a couple handfuls of kale. It was really good! We had this with cornbread on the side.


We also had tacos one night, which is almost a weekly thing because my boys love them so much. Robby and I usually have a taco salad. The next night, we had some leftover black beans and taco meat, but not enough for tacos. I cooked some basmati rice and we had taco bowls. That little cute guacamole container is from Aldi! It came in a pack of six. I love guac (and am the only one in the family who really eats it) but sometimes getting ripe avocados is difficult so these were perfect! Robby had another taco salad that night because he doesn’t eat rice. I think he was scarred from the sugary, gluey, ice cream scooped rice in the school lunchroom.


The next night I had planned tomato soup and grilled cheese but remembered that I had a thawed out a package of chicken breast. So, instead of tomato soup, we had chicken fajita soup. It was so easy. The recipe is going to be posted this week, so look for it! I didn’t have a grilled cheese with the guys, but instead had my soup with leftover rice. I used the largest chicken breast in the package and baked the other two to use this coming week.


This is from last night. My plan was pizza on sourdough. Well, this isn’t pizza but it is sourdough! Eli has been battling a cold all week and I thought we were on the downside of it. Yesterday afternoon, though, his eyes were red and puffy and his nose all stopped up. So, I cut all dairy from his diet and am pulling out all of my natural remedies. I made a new batch of elderberry syrup this morning (my sweet husband found some raw honey in January!) and picked up some saline solution today after church to go along with the essential oils I’m using on him. So, the boys had toast and jelly, scrambled eggs (cooked in coconut oil) and fruit. I had that hunk of sourdough with Kerrygold butter (Aldi had it a while back and I bought 3 blocks!) and some yogurt. I’m not afraid of butter as you can see. Robby had went to the store for me earlier for bananas and honey and picked him up some buffalo chicken fingers. I made him some homemade ranch to go with them because I love him despite his frozen food choices. (And I’m adding that mainly because I know he will read this! šŸ˜‰ )

So, those are the highlights! As you can see, things don’t always go as planned but it’s possible to still eat well. Sometimes eating well is just making sure everyone is eating something. šŸ™‚

For a little encouragement, I’ll send you to one of my favorite bloggers, Laura at Heavenly Homemakers, recent post. I love her approach to food! I also love and use many of her recipes regularly and many recipes in her new series of “simple meals” I am planning to make. I love her honesty in this post and could totally relate! Let me know what you think!

I hope you have a lovely week!