We had a busy and fun weekend visiting my sister and her family! We got to celebrate my niece’s 3rd birthday and meet my newest niece! She turned one week old Saturday! It was a quick visit but we loved it! We did have a scare early Sunday morning. We stayed overnight in a hotel and at 1:42am (yes, I remember the exact time!), Eli woke us up with the dreaded, “Mommy, my stomach hurts.” He then told me he didn’t think he was going to be sick but wanted a drink of water. I put my feet on the floor to get him a drink and he proceeded to throw up all over the hotel’s carpeted floor. It’s literally a page out of my worst nightmare. I’ll spare the rest of the details but it actually turned out great. I prayed from the moment I got him cleaned and settled that it was just a one time thing. It was hard for me to go back to sleep but I dozed off around 3am since he seemed to be sleeping good. I was so thankful to wake up at 7am without any other incidences! The only other issue I had was that Jude wanted to sleep horizontal in the bed with his feet in my back. I’d take that over the other any day though. It seems that Eli had just had too much junk food over the weekend and his body couldn’t handle it. It’s quite eye-opening when you can visibly see how it affects them. He was totally fine the next morning. Anyway, this is a lovely way to start a blog post about food, right? I apologize for those of you with weak stomachs. I’m a mom and can deal!

Moving on! So, what did we eat this week. I honestly can’t remember much more than what I took a picture of… and it was only 4 photos! I do know we had our weekly taco night, but that’s about it.


We actually had this Poor Man’s Stew week before last, but I forgot to add it to last week’s post. It was really good and tasted a lot like beef stew. I added celery and a can of drained organic corn. We don’t have corn a lot, except during the summer when we can get it fresh. I occasionally buy a few cans of organic corn from Walmart’s organic line for soups and stews. Corn is one thing I don’t do conventional, only organic. So, we just don’t eat a lot of it.


This salad is one of my favorite chopped salads. I’ve found it at Walmart and Publix. It has kale, broccoli slaw, cabbage and brussels. It comes with a package of cranberries and pumpkin seeds and also a package of poppy seed dressing. I chuck the dressing and make a white wine vinaigrette with olive oil, honey and salt and pepper. I also added some sunflower seeds. I had this twice for lunch this week. The second time I added wild Alaskan salmon to it. Yum!



This is a terrible picture of chili. But that’s what it is. Chili. It was made with venison, three types of beans (kidney, white and black) and tomatoes. I ate it with blue tortilla chips and sour cream… sprinkled with cayenne, because I like it hot! Despite the photo it was really, really good.


My boys don’t eat chili. They don’t really like any type of soups or stews. What is wrong with them?!? So, on the night we had chili, this was their dinner. Nachos with taco meat (I used the same venison I used in the chili, seasoned with this homemade taco seasoning) and Monterrey jack cheese… clementines and carrot sticks. I don’t like to make separate meals and rarely do. Chili night is one of my exceptions.

Well, that’s all I got photos of this past week! It’s time to get busy on tonight’s dinner. It’s a new one pot recipe and I’m super excited about it! Then, I’m going to work on the mountain of laundry in my living room!